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Friends, fun, and school spirit during the week of October 19th. As we come closer to homecoming the anticipation grows bigger and bigger as the students are ready to hang out with friend’s, watch football, and have fun!

“Homecoming is a school activity for students to hang out with friends and watch football,” Senior Jayce Carothers said.

(From left to right:) Sophomore Brena Brown, senior Jayce Carothers, and alumna ___ were homecoming candidates a year ago at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy. Carothers is eagerly anticipating another fun night on Thursday, October 19. 

Carothers has attended homecoming since her freshman year which was also Immanuel’s inaugural year. Her favorite part about last year was getting ready with friend’s. Crothers won homecoming queen last year, along with her friend Max Lively who won homecoming king. On October 19th Carothers and Lively will hand over the crown to the winners. She is looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up and in their dresses.

Carothers hopes her friend Ashley Schultz will win queen due to this being her last year at Immanuel. The candidates for homecoming this year are seniors AJ Hipskind, Faith Armor, Ashley Schultz, juniors Spencer Jennings, David Pettyjohn, Camden Barker, Liam Carr, Brena Brown, and freshman Emily Clark. Faith Armor, along with other seniors will be selling Crusader glow-up bracelets before and after the game. The boys will be taking on The Cross Crusaders the night of homecoming.

ACT Prep at Immanuel


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The American College Testing (ACT) is coming to Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) again and students are feeling less nervous this year. ILCA has added a new class for ACT preparation and it is for all high school students.

“I really feel like the ACT Prep class will help me” Junior, Garrett McDonald said.

The test contains 90 questions and takes roughly three hours. They are usually given in the morning. The Real ACT Prep Guide book says that getting one night of good sleep will not make difference but a good week of rest will. Many sources say that you should plan out the travel to the testing facility the day before. That way you have a stress free morning, bring a watch, many No. 2 pencils, and eat a good meal before, and bring snacks and water.

“I was nervous for my first test but I am more confident in this one, I signed up for an ACT prep class at a local library and I can feel it helping” said Jayce Carothers.

The Fall ACT date is not set in stone, but the deadline for it is September 22. The average score, nationwide, for an ACT is a 20.8 but senior Faith Armor said she aims for a 30.

“ I have studied very hard, took many practice tests, and read many books for the ACT”,Armor said.

The average score for an ACT at ILCA is a 29. Alumni, Austin Carr, scored a 33 on his test and his advice was to take the ACT multiple times.

“ My first try at the ACT I struggled in math, so during the time between testing dates, I studied and worked really hard on math. I ended up with a 35 in both language and composition, 34 in science, and a 28 in math”, Carr said. The spring test will not be given to Juniors or Seniors so signing up for the test now is strongly advised.



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