Life after the storm

Jackson Bush

Advertising Editor

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated areas only one month ago, but the effects of those storms have not ceased. Many people have lost their own property, pets, belongings, and yes, even some family members were lost in this storm. It seemed like the storm would never let up, as rain continued far past the initial hurricane. And now, only a couple weeks later, another geological event has set back another group of people: people of Mexico City.

“I first heard about the storms when they were in the Caribbean, because my parents live in the US Virgin Islands” said Ms. Griffith.

Griffith’s parents lived in the path of the storm and have received lots of damage to their home but are ok. Many people have suffered and until this conversation, there was one group that had not even come to mind before.

“Because I see things through a filter, I see how it affects the homeless. And because of this I see that they are now unable to seek refuge.

There have been many losses in buildings and ways that people can help, but even in spite of this there have still been many people to come out and help people in need.

“I think it’s a very noble cause. Many people who were hit, like the people in the Virgin Islands, then got hit themselves. I think that as we see people helping others, we need to remember that they are being hit themselves” Ms. Griffith said.

These people have chosen other’s lives over there own because of the care that they have for their community. Many people have left the city to protect themselves, but others have stayed because they feel that what they do to help can make a difference. It’s not just the people in the city that are helping either. Organizations like Immanuel Lutheran Church are also helping these people in any way they can.

“We are planning on sending our kids down there” Pastor Wilkie said.

Pastor Wilke is the pastor of Immanuel and he has already done several things for the people down in Houston. Immanuel, along with some other church‘s, received word from Trinity Lutheran Church in Houston that they needed help. So together with the combined church and school, Immanuel raised many cleaning supplies to send to Trinity Lutheran in Corpus Christi .

“All my family lives in that area” said Pastor Wilke.

They too are doing great but the Pastor was disheartened to see the damages. He said that anyone in need should put focus on a church and seek their help. Unlike Pastor Wilke and Ms. Griffith, their are some people who have a connection with their family that goes closer to home.

“My cousins house flooded during the storm” Savanna said.

After the storm affected Savanna Thomas’ family, her family offered to shelter them in their own house. Even though this did not end up happening, the other family was still very pleased and grateful to know someone was there to help.

“I think what people should do is realize that others are there to help and the people just need to accept it” Savanna said.

Savanna is volunteering at her church to gather foods to send to the people down in Houston. She too will be donating food to the church to help feed others. The church is collecting foods such as tuna, chicken, peanut butter, and macaroni. Someone who acknowledges that people should realize help is coming and except it is Mrs. Clark. Her family is originally from Texas and has very close ties there.

“There was a school that got affected too, they were just about to start school” Mrs. Clark said.

Lutheran South Academy has about 800 kids and was completely flooded by the storm. The school was also just about to start school, something that the storm has put a delay on. Just like Immanuel, the school teaches grade levels kindergarten through the 12th grades. One of the things that stand out about Lutheran South is that Immanuel will be showing help to this school.

Capture 2
Above: Lutheran South Academy after Harvey

“The idea first came when Mrs. Long told Mr. Zehnder about the school and then the teachers came up with the idea” Mrs. Clark said.

The idea to help the school comes in two parts. The first is that each grade will write letters to a similar class at the school. The second is that certain grades, like the freshmen and sophomores, will be skyping with other students.

“This will show the other students that people care for them, and it will also hopefully comfort them.

The person that approved the sending of letters is the headmaster of Immanuel, Mr. Stephen Zehnder

“It makes me feel sad for all the victims that lost jobs because businesses were closed down” Mr. Zehender said.

This is especially true for places like the school, as not only are teachers not teaching but students are not learning what they could be learning.

“We are going to be collecting money to send to Lutheran South Academy, and the principal there will use the money wherever he sees fit” Mr. Zehnder said.

He said that this donation could be used to give food for the students, or blessing each family with a gift card. Mr. Zehnder even mentions throwing a party to raise the spirits of the afflicted. Because certain families want to contribute but cannot send funds, Mr. Zehnder gave an idea.

“They could physically help, going down and help rebuilding the area” Mr. Zehnder said.

This would be a great help to regaining the community down in Texas. All these people mentioned ways that they will be helping the community but they also gave one way to remember the people. The power of prayer is something everyone mentioned. When talking about these people, the ones  interviewed said that the best way to think of the affected is through prayer.

“I think that for these people, there will be a new normal” Mrs. Clark said.

When these people think about this event in years to come they will remember the storm and what it was like before. But they will also remember how, through help, they rebuilt everything. It’s through are help and prayer that these people will be able to keep going.

“On our roughest day, right now it is these people’s normal day” Mrs. Clark said.

So that’s how we remember this event and the people affected. We pray for them and we always keep people like these in our hearts. For the actions we provide in situations like these, show just how much we care about these people, and anyone else that might have something bad come there way.

Devastating flood

Adam Zarski

News Editor


Above: Immediately after severe flooding, fans were placed to prevent further damage

Depression struck Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (ILCA) high school teacher, Ms. Gayla Nelson when she heard that her classroom had flooded. The science teacher at ILCA, Ms. Ginger Hendricks was feeding her class pets, guinea pigs, when she heard an unusual noise coming from Ms. Nelson’s room.

“At first I thought that it might be the washing machine” said Ms. Hendricks.


Above: After relocating Ms. Nelson strives to teach her students

Ms. Hendricks was shocked and immediately called the school principal when she opened Ms. Nelson’s door and saw water pouring from the ceiling. Ms. Nelson was in Edmond, Oklahoma at a conference when she received a text from the school’s principal Mr. Stephen Zehnder informing her that her room had flooded. However she was told that it was no big deal and would most likely fixed in under a week. Initially Ms. Nelson did not think much of it, believing that it was just a small leak. It was only when Ms. Nelson saw the room that she realized just how much damage the flooding caused. There was one inch of standing water in her room. There were many books, binders, and other materials that were destroyed as a result of the flooding along with a rug that had been given to Ms. Nelson by Mr. Jason Adams before he left his job as a teacher at ILCA in order to pursue another career. The leak was caused when a water pipe leading to a hot and cold water mixer was knocked loose after years of slowly rattling apart. Although the flooding was stopped quickly, the damage was still fairly severe.

“I lost binders full of materials that I have gathered over the past 30 years” said Ms. Nelson.

Above: Cleanup is an ongoing process

The cabinets beneath the water pipe that broke were filled with water and had to be torn out along with some of the floor and ceiling tiles. The PTL is helping Ms. Nelson pay for and replace books and materials but there were some things lost in the flood that are irreplaceable. Just days before her room flooded Ms. Nelson moved a bookshelf made by her father into her room. The bookshelf was not completely ruined but the wood at the bottom of the bookshelf was badly warped and will never be quite the way it was when her father made it. Ms. Nelson does not want this to change her plans for the year however.

“I refuse to let it be a big setback.” Ms. Nelson said.

The cleanup and repair process will take some time but Ms. Nelson hopes that she will be able to move back into her room within a month or two. Ms. Nelson does not blame the school for the incident and is trying to keep a positive attitude about the whole situation.


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